Trouble starting tasks? This simple method helps

Me too. After years of struggling with starting and finishing tasks, I was so fed up with myself not being able to finish simple tasks. I often neglected doing the simple, daily, routine tasks. Hours were spent making to-do lists for low priority things.

More valuable time was wasted on deciding which task I should start with. I often lost momentum and got distracted when switching between tasks. Especially when tasks are boring or unchallenging in any other way.

Sometimes you have to stop procrastinating and start doing your daily tasks and chores.

This eBook presents a method that helps you increase productivity, focus and decision-making while minimizing downtime between tasks. It can even be used while feeling tired, bored or depressed about doing your tasks.
And best of all: it add so much more fun to your (boring) daily tasks that have to get done.



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